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Kaneland School Assessment Practices Featured at October 24th Conference

Dr. Lee Jenkins, renowned education professional, will be visiting Kaneland this week to showcase the assessment work throughout the District. Dr. Jenkins has published the book Permission to Forget and is a national keynote speaker. The first two days of his visit will be focused on assessment review and innovation with District 302 kindergarten through eighth-grade staff. Sessions will include ongoing assessment practices specific to grade level and department teams. Dr. Jenkins will share his experiences, offer feedback, participate in data review and offer suggestions for how to empower students to set goals based on local assessments.

On October 24th, Dr. Jenkins has selected Kaneland to share assessment strategies and be celebrated on a national stage. Kaneland will host and interact with educators from other schools to discuss assessment practices. The conference is also open to all community members are interested in learning more about the exciting leadership of Kaneland schools! 

Kaneland Students Showcased in Worldwide Writing Challenge

Class blogs engage learners in online discussions, connecting them to the digital world in a meaningful and educational way. Every two weeks, Mrs. Schieber’s 2nd grade class at Kaneland McDole Elementary School participates in the Five Sentence Challenge in which students from around the world commented on one another’s writing. Recently, two students from McDole were showcased on the worldwide writing forum. Read their entries here.

In the Five Sentence Challenge, a prompt is given and the students write five sentences about the prompt. Then, they post it on their Kidblog. Five Sentence Challenge project volunteers from around the world read and comment on the students’ writing. This authentic audience makes students feel very special and gives purpose to their writing. Kaneland teachers incorporate student blogging because it provides interesting assignments, authentic learning and engaging experiences.

Blackberry Creek Elementary School Students Learn Through Skype

In Mrs. Galvan’s third grade class at Kaneland Blackberry Creek Elementary School, students interacted with students in Canada using Skype, a videoconferencing technology. Learners from both classes prepared questions for one-another and had their curiosity satisfied during the online lesson.


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Kaneland Teachers Present at Statewide Conference

At the recent Illinois Reading Council Conference in Springfield, Kaneland elementary teachers shared their expertise, teaching strategies and innovative programming with other Illinois educators.  Laura Bright, Kindra Schumacher and Shanna Piccony presented on Genius Hour. Cathy Lannert and Laura Bright presented on technology integration.  Laura Garland, Linda Zulkowski, Zak Fitzenreider and Tracy Maz presented on their RTI team’s leadership philosophy.

Additionally, teachers who attended learned, collaborated and shared ideas.  The breakout-session topics ranged from classroom reading strategies, technology integration, writing, coaching techniques and the latest reading research. The group also spent time with Lucy Calkins, the creator of the District’s newly-implemented writing tool and heard her speak about the writing process.  

The teachers who attended will be sharing their learning with their colleagues. Kaneland teachers are leaders in their field who never stop learning. That’s the Knight’s Way!

Students Fly Paper Airplanes at Kaneland Harter Middle School

Though flying paper airplanes in class has long-been associated with misbehavior, sixth graders at Kaneland Harter Middle School were recently encouraged to do just that!  In order to provide an authentic learning experience within the scientific method unit of study, teacher Nicole Goldman had students design their own paper airplanes and measure the flight distances of each. 


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School Funding Reform Act: Illinois General Assembly Senate Bill 16



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School Funding Reform Act: Illinois General Assembly Senate Bill 16

What is Senate Bill 16?

Senate Bill 16 (SB16) is the recommendation of the Illinois Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee tasked with improving public education funding in Illinois. The bill passed the Senate, and is expected to be voted on in the House as early as November.

If enacted into law, SB16 would drastically change the way the state funds education, but it does not increase the level of funding. Rather, the proposed law changes the way limited state funding is doled out to among districts state-wide. School districts with higher assessed property values, a majority of which are in the northeastern part of the state, would receive much less state funding. While districts with lower assessed property values would receive more. SB16 is intended to improve equity of funding across the state; however it does not address unfunded obligations by the state that have occurred in recent years. Click here to see a graphic representation of the redistribution of funds.

How will SB16 impact District 302?

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Week of Writing at Kaneland John Stewart

During the Week of Writing at Kaneland John Stewart Elementary School, students in every grade level engaged in unique writing activities to strengthen their writing skills. Students participated in Drop Everything and Write school-wide writing sessions, guess the author games and journal activities following math and science lessons. Additionally, each class teamed up with a class in another grade level to work as writing buddies. Students wrote together, shared their writing, exchanged writing ideas and commented on each other’s work.  

Mrs. Dyche’s second-grade class and Mrs. Scardamaglia’s fourth-grade class worked together get students excited about writing. 

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Superintendent Search Firm to Conduct Community Focus Groups

On Thursday, October 2nd, the search firm conducting the search for a new Kaneland School District 302 Superintendent will host focus groups with stakeholders throughout the Kaneland School District. Community members are invited to attend an open forum to provide input at 7:15 p.m. at Kaneland Harter Middle School. The intent of the focus groups is to formulate a profile of the next superintendent based on the feedback received from key stakeholders: teachers, support staff, students, board members, parents, and community groups. Once they have gathered feedback, the firm will create a draft profile that they will share with the entire community for final review and refinement. Once the profile is complete, they will use it to screen applicants. 

Seven KHS Choir Students Perform at the 2014 Millikin Vocal Festival

Submitted by: Bryan Kuntsman

Katelyn Blaszynski, Nicole Disandro, Aimee Frost, Zach Justus, Rachel Miller, Ben Mitchinson, and James Tockstein were selected by the Millikin choral faculty to represent Kaneland at the invitational festival.  When the students arrived, they were given new music.  In approximately twenty eight hours the students were able to work with the MIllikin directors and over 250 students from across the state to put on a successful concert.  Throughout the two days the students were able to apply the skills they use in the classroom on a daily basis, work with outstanding collegiate directors, while getting an opportunity to see the campus.  The festival was held on the Millikin campus in the Kirkland Fine Arts Center from Sunday, September 21st - Monday, September 22nd.

Rachel Miller received a special honor when she was selected to perform as a part of the student recital.  Students had the option to sign-up for an individual coaching session.  Senior students had the option to audition for acceptance into Millikin’s School of Music.  Any student who signed up for either opportunity was eligible to be chosen to perform at the final concert.  After being selected as one of 15 semi-finalists, Rachel Miller was one of only four students selected to perform on the final concert. Congratulations Rachel!

The Millikin vocal festival was a resounding success for Kaneland’s students.

To read more news from the KHS Fine Arts Department and watch video of performers, visit their web page.